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The Agritur Manoncin is located in Valle di Daone, on the inside of the Ecomuseum of the valle del Chiese Valley, at the gates of the Natural Park Adamello Brenta and is built where the trail begins in the Historic nature.


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Valle di Daone
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The Agritur Manoncin offers its guests to get in close contact with the nature, not only with the excursions in the Park Adamello Brenta in the Valley of Daone, but also through the rediscovery of the ancient crafts of the mountain

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The Valley of Churches and the Valley of Daonand are rich in water, rivers and streams, ideal for recreational fishing and there are many places where you can practice. Experts and athletes who want to stay in constant training, but also all those who love this sport simply because it provides the opportunity to isolate and experience the peace and the silence of the flowing water, will find in the Valley, the ideal place for long days of fishing. The Agritur Manoncin is located a few steps from the course of the river Chiese; fishing is allowed downstream of the stone bridge that crosses the sparkling waters of the river and leads directly to the farm.

Upon request and payment

Offering Fishing


  • Fishing permit for one or more days of the various areas of Trentino
  • packed lunch with typical products of the territory
  • service guided tour
  • Renting and buying equipment
  • Lessons on start-up or perfecting techniques


  • alarm clock custom
  • early breakfast (by agreement)
  • Storage Area and laundry for fishing tackle
  • Information on fishing areas and map available

Mushrooms and berries

The Agritur Manoncin offers its guests to get in close contact with the nature, not only with the excursions in the Park Adamello Brenta in the Valley of Daone, but also through the rediscovery of the ancient crafts of the mountain and of the small fruits of the forest. In the summer, who wants to, can rediscover the ancient and laborious craft of the haymaking. The most sweet and relaxing, however, is the harvesting and the tasting of small fruits (blueberries) that at the Farm they are grown. Colorful and tasty by themselves, are ideal ingredients for the preparation of sweets, ice cream, smoothies, and jams.

The Valley is a veritable paradise for lovers of mycology and of the nature many species of mushrooms, mushrooms of gigantic dimensions, chanterelles and drum sticks are the treasures that the forest can give to you before the white snow of winter covers the environment and, numb nature until the spring awakening.


Water park and wellness center


A small water park designed to combine the needs of both children and adults. Aquaclub Valle del Chiese, a few kilometers from the border with the region of Lombardy, will provide lots of fun and healthy relaxation in a refined, warm and enveloping.


The plan pools, the garden and the wellness centre - opening soon - have been devised, paying attention to every single detail, in order to give you moments of true tranquility and an escape from the intense rhythms of daily life. Our mission is to introduce you at once in an oasis that blends the alpine environment with content most typically exotic.


Trekking e acroriver

The main wealth of the Valley is certainly the water that you can observe in all its forms: from the Adamello glacier up to the numerous streams and rivers which flow whirling in the river, the Churches , giving life to the atmospheric surroundings and always different, ideal for amateur fishing. Of particular interest are the alpine lakes, small areas of clear water to discover, through simple walks or more challenging excursions, all aimed to secure emotions. Starting from the Agritur Manoncin it is possible to visit some of these little gems, nestled in the green of our mountains. The Lago Casinei, at an altitude of 2059 m., reachable on foot.



The Historical Path of Natural has been conceived and realized a few years ago, thanks to the collaboration of the Municipality of Daone, and Service Environmental Restoration of the Autonomous Province of Trento. The Historical and Naturalistic proposes an interesting tour, which lasts approximately 1-2 hours, suitable for all people, families, children, and lovers of nature - that leads to the discovery of points of interest, historical, naturalistic and geographical crossing some of the most interesting places, and details of the low valley of susa, italy.

Wore a helmet, harness, and kit via ferrata, accompanied by a mountain guide, will first addentrerete in the gorge, along the equipped route a few metres from the sparkling waters, then go down to bird along the waterfall with a sequence of pulleys for rope.


Visit also

The beautiful and enchanted Val di Fumo, The Lake area (1944m.) and the Lake Copidello (a1968 m.), easily reached starting from the dam Malga Bissina, small lake basins deliciously alpine in their frame to the rocky amphitheatre. Let's not forget, however, of the Lake, the Sea of Black Lake, the small Lake Nudole...Extending to the whole territory of trentino you discover that you are well 297 the lakes that can be found, with a total area of 35 square kilometers.



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